Monday, March 28, 2011


There is a little boy on an agency's special focus list with a diagnosis of congenital glaucoma. Here is the report on him:

xxx a handsome little boy who has recently turned 5 years old. He has been in care since he was a baby. xxx has a diagnosis of congenital glaucoma. His medical and orphanage reports are old, so we are hoping for updates. We know that at the time of the reports, he was developmentally on target. We also know he was/is as cute as can be and in need of a family. He was a very bright toddler, who was able to remember the names of everyone in his "class" and would take items to them when asked by the nannies. He has a good appetite and loves semi-congealed jellied bean curd (better get the recipe....). xxxx is a cute little guy who needs someone to give him the love and attention he deserves. And maybe some toys, too. xxxxx is a Special Focus child and is eligible for adoption by a single parent.

**I am willing to share his photo with anyone who is interested in this little guy! email me at

DOB Jan. 7, 2006 - glaucoma

I am not sure at this time if he has had surgery like Gabe to relieve the glaucoma, but this is a need so close to our hearts...If we were in a position to adopt again, I would scoop him up! I have said it many times, that although vision needs are scary, with Gabe's glaucoma, we very rarely think of it. He lives everyday just like any other child. Yes, he may not be able to drive someday, but there could be thousands of reasons that could effect any adult later in life making them unable to drive. As with Gabe, this little boy's biggest need is a FAMILY! Take time with me today to pray for this little guy and that his family finds him soon!!