Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes We Need a Little Help!

It is amazing to watch Gabe grow and adapt. He is making huge gains in so many areas-two big ones are coloring and cutting. Gabe has had some wonderful help including a vision impairment consultant that comes in to work with him 1x a week. She also works with Gabe's teachers to adapt things for him.

Getting ready to cute his homework paper...If you notice, the lines for him to cut on are very black. The lines were dotted, but he came to me and asked me to darken the lines for him. This is awesome because he is learning what he needs to be successful! He is advocating for his own needs!

And so sweet as he cut he kept telling me, "Thank you momma for helping me."

At school he also told his teacher on the first day that he couldn't see the book and needed to move closer. I think he is going to have a fantastic Kindergarten year!!!