Friday, September 25, 2009

New Blog

Tonight I decided to start a new blog. My old blog will be family related and this blog is the one I am going to use to document life with Gabe and his vision loss due to congenital glaucoma. I hope this blog can help other with biological or adopted children living with this eye condition.

A little about our Gabe.
Gabe was born (or developed at a very early age) congenital glaucoma of both eyes. At 8 months old he received and operation of the trabeculum section of his eyes. Little is known of his other health or eye care since that time as Gabe was adopted on 9/16/09 by our family. As of right now we are confidant that Gabe's vision is very good, but there is some loss. He bends in very close to see details in things and is very slow to try anything new that he cannot see. He is very cautious of stairs and changes in flooring (ie different color carpet or going from tile to carpet).

We hope to find out what exactly his vision is or course of treatment on Monday when he has his first ophthalmologist appt. with a pediatric ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist.

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  1. Hello I just came found your blog doing a search! My husband also has a blog about our son @ He was born with glaucoma also, we were recently told he sees about 20/60 in his better eye and 20/400 in his bad eye after best possile correction. Does your son have a lazy eye? does he need to be patched?? Our son wears an eye patch 4 hours a day. He has had about 7 eye surguries and a total of 29 EUA's to read his pressure. Our son is 3 1/2 years old and he now gets his pressure checked in the office not at the hosiptal. He also take Travan z every other day in one of his eyes but other other one seems stable at this point. Thanks for taking time to do this blog it is hard to find other parents out there. Laura Thompson