Thursday, November 19, 2009

What special need??

That is what I think some days. Did we really adopt from the 'special needs' program? Tim and I were talking the other day and on a daily basis we just don't think of Gabe having a SN, glaucoma, or any vision loss at all! It is just a non-issue. So, he wears glasses-so does Tim and many other people we know. All I can think is that we have been so blessed-absolutely blessed! Thank you God for choosing us to raise this sweet boy for you.

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  1. Oh! my word!! we feel soo much the same way!!! jon says all the time, "I feel so bad for China that they gave us the cutest kid in the world. Did they not know?" Seriously though, we feel the same way. It's almost like he doesn't even have a special need. (I say almost, because for the last 2 weeks and at least another 2 to go, we've been carrying him around because he can't walk w/ the full-leg casts.)