Thursday, March 25, 2010

All Set

Gabe's IEP is all set and ready to help him as he needs it. This plan is speical educaion, but not how one might view special educaion in a negative way. So many view those words as something bad or negative. This is a plan to help Gabe be successful if he should need it. He will not be pulled out of his classroom and sent to the 'special' room, but instead the vision impairment specialist will be in contact monthly with Gabe's teacher for any questions, or needs on how to make things easier for him. Right now at preschool there not be much that needs to be done, but Gabe is the first vision impaired child our school has seen in many many years. Gabe's wonderful teacher for next year already has some great questions and our #1 goal is to make things normal for him! This is scary territory ans yesterday I had to speak up and say, "Hey, some things that have happened over the last couple of weeks were not ok." (Which was very hard for me as I hate confrontation/conflict). So, this is a good thing. Asking for help is ok. And one thing that I keep saying to myself is the comforting words of my Jesus saying over and over , "Do not fear!"


  1. Great job! You have to do what's best for your child even when its hard or uncomfortable for you. We had to do this for our daughter too with her IEP. It wasn't easy to sit an hear all the things she couldn't do but she has made such great progress in 2 months!

  2. i just found your blog and i just had to write and tell you gabe is such a cutie pie!!! i LOVE little kids in glasses (my 3 year old has them :) and your little guy is precious!
    my husband and i have 2 boys, and we are in the process of adopting our daughter from china. we are just about ready to schedule our homestudy. i have been so encouraged to see so many families that survived the long and enduring process...sometimes i think i will never see the end of it! but then i remember her...she might not even be born yet, but in my heart i already love her! long to hold her! and continually pray for her future.
    thanks for sharing your story! God bless your family!