Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Great Check-Up!!

Gabe had a phenomenal check up on his eyes today! Today was his 6 month in office check (he had his last under anesthesia check in Dec.) and he was so cooperative! Not that he hasn't been in the past, but everyone in the office was impressed with how he just went with the check, the drops, and he let them take his eye pressure! To do this, they put a pen like thing on the eyeball after they numb the eye with drops. So, when the doc came in, did a quick exam and told us that the success of his surgery in China and the gains he has made has surpassed any expectations he had for Gabe and his vision! He will never have 20/20, but now we can wait 9 months to go back!!! Thank you Lord for protecting Gabie's eyes and for the vision he has!! Thank you, Thank you!!

On another note, Gabe has been busting to go see Cars 2 at the theater (it opened today). I was dreading it coming out as I was not sure he would be able to go. The last movie we took Gabe to that was in 3D, he could not put the 3D glasses on over his glasses and did not like the feel of the big 3D glasses (I am not sure what he could see with them on anyway). So, he watched Nomeo & Juliet blurry. But, tonight I checked our theater times for Cars 2 and they are showing a 2D version!!! Yay!! I may just have to send a thank you letter to our theater for offering this version! Not to mention, I hate paying the extra money for 3D anyway!


  1. YAHOOOOOO all the way around! We hate the 3D movie anyway so it is always exciting when we find the 2D version playing somewhere!

  2. Oh! Cool! We can't wait to see it, too! Enjoy the movie!!!

  3. So excited to find your site! We are just home with our 2 year old who also has glaucoma. We go for her EUA on the 31st. Very scared and nervous!