Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He did it!!

After working on zipping his coat and finding it to be a struggle, I emailed his VI consultant asking if she could work on some self help skills that we seem to be struggling. After all, it is hard to zip your coat when you can't see the zipper so well. Today, Mrs. R came in to work with Gabe and worked on the coat zipping steps...and all I can say is that in my opinion she is a miracle worker!! Before leaving my classroom, he talked through each step and zipped that winter coat all by himself!! Wahoo!!

I must brag, that Gabe is just blowing us away with his progress! Large motor things are still difficult, but I think that is a delay stemming from orphanage delay and lack of movement. But, everything else including his small motor just keeps making huge gains! He is such a fighter and go getter! Way to go buddy!! We love you sooooo much!!

**NOTE: after taking these pics, I threw his coat in the washer-the arms are filthy! Not sure how that happened. The photo actually makes them look worse than they are, oh well! LOL


  1. That is awesome!!! I am so proud of him!!!

  2. Go Gabie XuLu!!!!!!! What a superstar you are!!!

    Oh and I didn't even notice the coat till you said something. LOL

  3. Good job!
    I need to work with Ewen on zipping. He has very weak hand muscles, so he hasn't learned to do a lot of the things other kids can do at his age.
    We'll just keep working with these boys of ours! :)

  4. Go, Gabe! It is wonderful to hear that he is making such progress.