Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sports Specs!

For a while now we have tried to figure out the best plan for Gabe's glasses situation. His current glasses are not getting the job done. The ear cables that we loved so much in the beginning are now plaguing us as Gabe gets bigger. We have tried a few different nose pieces and they still slip down and he looks over them a good portion of the day. Well, this week we signed Gabe up for t-ball, which makes this momma bear a little nervous, and he ran into a tree the other day. Yes, the moment we said, "Ok, really have to take care of this now."
A few weeks ago it just happens that Gabe's teacher blessed us with a pair of sports frames that she thought might be just Gabe's size! What a blessing! So, I took them into the eye doc and although it is going to cost us a pretty penny, I cannot wait to get those glasses on his peepers!!