Sunday, June 27, 2010

May I ask...

Today I had someone very politely ask me about Gabe's eyes. Did they automatically know there was something up due to his glasses? I have seen countless blogs of little ones from China home and wearing glasses. I have to wonder if Gabe had been looking very closely at things which made her wonder?? She did however, ask very nicely if she could ask "to what degree..." and pointed to her eyes. I got the hint and openly volunteered that he had glaucoma of both eyes that was under control...same story every time. To see the look on peoples faces when I tell them though, sadness, pity, worry??? That bothers me to a certain degree. Gabe sees great, for well, Gabe! He does everything all the other 4 year olds do. He does not need sadness, he his perfect! He has his glasses now, he is home, and he has all the toys a kids could want (ok, who am I kidding, he always wants more!).
Here is a link to an article which I have seen another version of the same thing about how Chinese are more likely nearsighted:

On another note, my MIL was out with the kids this past week and they ran into a teen who just could not get over how cute Gabe was, because...he looks like Aaden Gosselin. I have heard this one more than once too. It cracks me up,(I had to look Aaden up as I have never seen the show) but Jon Gosselin isn't Chinese at all he is half Korean a quarter French and a quarter Welsh. It appears that he has inherited more Korean characteristics as he looks more Asian. His mother is Korean but was born and raised in Hawaii. This was stated on the Korean American Journal. Just a bit of useless trivia for you all!
So what do you think? Aaden and Gabe-could Gabe be his look alike?


  1. I can see the similarities. I think the glasses are probably what do it though.

    They are both cute boys though so it is a flattering comparison.

  2. Agreed! Gabe is definitely cuter! It's always interesting to me the questions strangers feel comfortable asking.

  3. there's a slight similarity, but, yeah, gabe is definitely cuter! :)

  4. Yes, I do see the similarity between Gabe and Aaden!

    As for the mixed reactions from the general public, we've learned to accentuate the positive. People are curious about Thomas' feeding backpack and I am open to explaining why he needs it. Usually I get, "Will he ever get to eat regular food?" We respond with, "That is up to him. When he wants to try, that's when we'll do food trials." One of his former classmates was sad for him missing out on eating like the rest of us. That's when we pull out the neat things he can do, like 'eating' while he's asleep. For adults, I mention that he's not at all interested in junk food and I don't spend half my time scraping food particles out of the carpet.

    It strikes me odd as the general public doesn't pity the elderly about walking devices, glasses or their latest joint replacement. As for Gabe and Thomas, this is their 'normal'.

  5. Both kiddos are cutie pies, but Gabe is breathtaking! :)
    Kelly (RQ reader)