Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updated eye appt.

Gabe had an eye exam on Wednesday. It was in office and Gabe was a real trooper again! The nurses and our doctor was just amazed at his language in 9 months! Dr. could tell that his pressure still looks very good and there are no cataracts forming!
We will head to Munson in Dec. for another under anesthesia eye exam and we are going to order him transitions lenses in the next couple of weeks. Dr. has seen the transitions help some people with glaucoma with the brightness and sun.
I have to say that I was filled with a lot of anxiety for this appt. We have not seen any changes in his vision at home, but it is in the back of my mind..."what if..." After all this little boy has already been through, I do not want him to worry about this!
Summer is here and Gabe Xulu is enjoying the outdoors...he would be outside 24 hrs a day! He loves the trampoline and the sandbox! We cannot wait until beach weather is here to stay!

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  1. Hmm, must have been something in the weather ~ Darcy had an eye exam on Thursday. However ours was for pre-op. Her glaucoma is not responding to drops quite well enough. We did get some encouragement though, off to blog about it right now...
    Gabe is darling as usual!