Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are they working?

That is a good question. We really think so. He is getting better are running, walking, and sometimes not holding things so close. He seems to have a lot of confidence in hitting buttons on things, but there are times when he still holds things close or still stands right in front of the TV to watch it. However, when he is watching TV this close he usually is looking over the top of the glasses. He knows when I say, "Gabe look through your glasses." to push them up, but if I move him away from the TV he just stops watching? The question that will take some time to answer is-Is this a habit (holding things close-watching TV so close) or if his prescription needs to be stronger? Only time will tell. This week we have started doing a learning activity a day. The past 2 days were playdough (see the picture above), and today is puzzles. Tomorrow we are going to get some color and shape flash cards as he has begun to repeat what we say quite a bit. I don't want to push him, but as long as he enjoys it we might as well get going.

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  1. He's adorable!

    I love the glasses.

    How old is he? You mentioned food issues on RQ. When my kids were five, we had specific snack times. Two a day. Now they're older, and we have one snack a day. When they were younger than five, I let them graze because they weren't eating much at meal time. If your son is eating plenty during meals, then offering him two snacks a day is reasonable.

    Reinforce the idea by gently saying, "It is not snack time. Snack time is at (specific time)." When it is time for snacks, say, "It's whatever time. Time for a snack!"

    Even with the language barrier, he'll get the idea pretty quickly.